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Sales Management


Trimates Technologies is a platform which is working on the combination of local experience and global brands. Onio Seller Services was started with the support of Small Medium Business through creativity, maintenance of SMB capabilities and customer trust online. After commencing our operations in Dec 2016, we have quickly accelerated our journey towards our vision with presence across.

E- Com Portal and Online Sales Management

Our Hiring Ideology

Trimates Technologies's hiring process and believes are to explore the talent of yours, to make sure that in every condition we will be able to deliver our services to the customers. We believe in abilities of individual that's why we are working to develop quality leaders. The growing of individuals in our organization is very exponential and continuous. We are giving you the platform to learn and grow. So, Join Us Now.

Seller Account Management

Why Work @ Trimates

Trimates's unique working environment gives you the opportunity to learn and improve your abilities out of your comfort zone. We believe that innovation is the backbone of any workplace to serve between customers and brands so we improve our technologies day by day according to the scenario. We are working on the concept of simplifying thing to get the work done. We are always ready to deliver the results. We have a team of experienced and talented people who gives you the transparent and performance based working solution. So overall, Onio is an exciting place to work in order to develop opportunities more and more.