Management of Your E-Commerece Accounts

Sales Management

Sales Management


Trimates - Complete management process gives you complete and effective management solutions which includes these main points of sales management.

-Setting Goals

-Enhancement Process


-Training Strategies

-Regular Update

-Final Monitoring

Our One on one selling system will guarantee you required results.

E- Com Portal and Online Sales Management

E- Com Portal and Online Sales Management

Nowadays online shopping is making the customer experience more convenient. In order to achieve large customer base, you need to join Ecommerce portals. Our Complete Ecommerce Solutions Guide make it possible to manage the performance overall by  Decision making/ Registration/ Digitization of products/ Managing online business accounts/ Selling to customers/ online inventory/ end to end customer Services across multi channel marketplace.  Trimates Technologies

Seller Account Management

Seller Account Management

Our Seller Account Management (SAM) process provides a complete digital  approach to support our sellers. Our dedicated Account Managers manage the individual Client’s account as per the seller’s needs. Our online sales guides provides you the complete guides related to Ecommerce business scenario. We have a wide range of policies available in standard business hours. Our customer Support is always ready to answer all of your Queries. We can assure you that you are completely safe with us.

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Call us or share your details with us, our team will reach out to you and resolve your seller problems, and we will help you with further process.

Problems related to Online Business & Registration

Don't worry about your present knowledge of online selling, we are here to help you with your queries. Once you understand the benefits of selling online, the next step is just to call us.

Imaging & Cataloging Service

Enjoy our product listing segment in a trendy way which is a backbone of catalog listing.

Managing and Support

one-on-one client management sessions enables you to manage your day-to-day business growth and performance.


After ensuring your eligibility to towards online selling, we launch you to next level of the market place. Now you are ready to sell your product across India.

Why Us

onboarding more than 500+ SMBs, as of dec 2016

Presence across in more than 30+ cities with positive feedbacks

We have a strong base of local market knowledge which gives us the perfect understanding of your business growth.

We have years of experience in online business growth, so we will manage from launching you to managing and growing overall.

We have a wide variety of services for you including photography, Account management, cataloging, inventory management and other IT needs. just give us a chance to resolve your business problems